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Seven Tips How to Choose an External Hard drive

SevenTips How to Choose an External Hard drive

Novatech External Hard drive
The need for large data storage very often arise because of the files that are large with video or audio formats. External hard drive is now a device is needed, especially for those who enjoy collecting songs, videos or any other data that require large storage capacity. With the external hard drive, the need for more storage media is resolved, let alone external hard drive has a Plug & Play system, making it faster, practical and easy to use.

In the market or online computer stores are so many different kinds of brands and variants of the external hard drives, a wide range of advantages offered to the consumer. Sometimes we only consider one aspect in choosing the external hard drive that is "capacity". But there are a few things to note in choosing an external hard drive, the following can be used as a guide before you decide to buy an external hard drive:

1. Casing

Choose the casing with a good material because it will affect the safety of the components in it. Choose a soft casing that is protected from shaking that could make the drive to be frequently in error.

2. The amount of Buffering or cache

Disk rotation speed is determined by the rate of data and for the hard disk expressed in RPM (Rotation Per Minute). Generally portable hard drive spins at speeds of up to 5400 RPM, but at this time has been outstanding as well as a portable hard drive with speeds up to 7200 RPM. The greater the RPM, then the sooner the process of data transfer. So, it is better to choose a high-speed hard drive.

3. Hard Drive Rotation Speed

The amount of buffer, representing the amount of memory to be cached, or stored which can be handled by a drive when it awaits the next request from the system. The amount of buffer range from 2MB to 16MB. If the larger size of the buffer, so the more data that can be stored and the faster delivery of data. However, the greater the buffer size is packed in an external hard drive, the more expensive the price of the external hard drive.

4. Plug & Play capabilities

Choose the External Hard drive is easy to use. You can try it by plugging the cord into the USB port of the computer and then the external hard drives can be directly used without installing a driver.

5. Recovery features

For the safety data on an external hard drive, it helps if you buy a hard drive that has been equipped with backup and recovery features. The existence of this feature will help you when your files are damaged or lost data caused by several things, one of which is due to a virus. By using the recovery feature, the files that are damaged can be restored.

6. Capacity

Choose the capacity of external hard drive to fit your needs. Currently, external hard drive has been available for capacities ranging from 40GB up to 2TB, but the capacity will affect the price of the device. If you are a desiner or engaged in video graphics, then you can choose the capacity of 1tb external hard drive. However, if only for storing data with a capacity that is not too large, it is better to choose a medium-sized external hard drive.

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Thanks for the good info. Also if you get a USB3 hard drive and plug it in a USB3 port, that will make the access to your hard drive so much faster. The USB3 drives can read data more than twice as fast and can write more than three times faster than the older, slower standard.



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