Sunday, December 4, 2011

Coming in 2012 Lenovo LePhone Windows Phone

Lenovo LePhone Windows Phone Coming in 2012
Lenovo currently confirmed that they plans to lunch smartphone based on WP7 OS. Reportedly, the Lenovo LePhone Windows Phone release date in second half of 2012. The Lenovo smartphone development with Windows Phone is indeed already had preached since leaked pictures of these phones, but this time the rumor has been confirmed officially by Yue Chen, the LePhone Product Manager.

Chen was also leaked that his party already have the release date for the Lenovo LePhone Windows Phone. On another occasion also spread rumors that Microsoft is also waiting for vendors from China, to release Windows Phone smartphone for the upcoming 2012 collaboration with retailers from China that is Suning, which has nearly 700 stores around the corners of China.

“We are indeed currently considering a Windows Phone-based LePhone product, and we already have a clear release schedule,” said Chen. “It will be released during the second half of 2012,” he added. As reported by Info Tech.

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What is wp7 os? Never heared about it before.


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