Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Xenical: The Fat Eliminator

An obese knows what is beneath his skin providing him a bulky look. You have guessed it rightly it is only fat which is providing you an irregular body shape. Gradual supply of fat by your food to your body paves the path for bulkier look. To become slim and trim is a dream of every obese, because only an obese knows about the physical and psychological pain related to obesity. Slim and trim figure cannot be achieved until you either stop consuming fat rich food or start taking Xenical. Stopping to eat fat is rather difficult as temptation for delicious fried food is irresistible. Xenical is an easy way to come out of this problem, because after using Xenical you will not get any energy from fat even after its consumption.
There are basically six components of a balanced diet namely carbohydrate, fat, protein, vitamin, minerals and roughage. Carbohydrates and fats are the prime sources of energy to the body. Fat gives almost double calories than carbohydrate. Both fat and carbohydrate are digested inside the body to give energy. Many bile and pancreatic secretions accomplish the process of digestion. The process of digestion of Fat is a bit difficult special enzyme is needed for this purpose. Pancreas secretes special enzyme lipase to digest fat in the body. Xenical inhibits working of the lipase so that fat taken in meal comes out of your body with digestion. This can cut-short huge amount of calories and provides an opportunity to your metabolic system to burn fat accumulated in the body.
Xenical is a FDA approved drug which can help in weight loss without putting any restriction on your food habit. After using Xenical an obese can reduce significant weight even after just doing moderate exercising. Xenical reduces consumption of fat soluble vitamin A, D, E and K therefore; it must be taken with supplementary doses of vitamin pills. However, diet rich of green vegetables, milk and fruit can also substitute vitamin pills.
Xenical is an oral prescription drug which should be taken only on doctor's advice. Generally, Xenical dosages are 120mg pills taken 2 hours before the meal. Xenical should be swallowed; and not be chewed with a full glass of water. Xenical is available through online order on better price. Moreover, online order for Xenical brings it at your door steps.
Some precautionary measures are advised while using Xenical, like driving should be avoided on the first use of it; pregnant and breast feeding woman should not use Xenical, children are not allowed to use Xenical. The drug can produce some mild side effects like anxiety, nausea, oily discharge and vaginal inflammation in women. These side effects are benign and these will disappear after body's adjustment to the drug.
Obesity gives people many harmful diseases like heart failure, brain stroke, kidney failure, arthritis most of them are fatal. Xenical saves live from these dangerous diseases by elimination of extra fat from body that too without any harmful effect to the body.

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