Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How Does Medical Practice Management Software Decrease Costs?

Implementing medical practice management software can significantly decrease the costs associated with running a medical office. It saves time and money by automating many processes associated with the day-to-day business of a clinic or practice by using electronic medical records.
For example, medical office software keeps patient information organized and accessible. Once the data is entered, it can be retrieved and manipulated in a variety of ways, making it simple to keep track of medical history, demographic information, referrals, appointments, emergency contacts, notes, case management and more. Insurance issues such as applicable co-payment, visit allowance, capitation and deductibles become much easier to handle.
Medical practice management software also helps automate the managed care process by prompting a variety of routine events, such as annual check-up, mammogram and immunizations. It streamlines patient registration and appointment setting, and minimizes the potential for lost, duplicate or erroneous data by eliminating paper-based recordkeeping. Many types of medical practice management software even allow you to run customized reports and create user-defined fields.
Medical office software also helps save money by providing automated accounting functions. From insurance to collections to statement generation and payment posting, the software is designed to make sure that nothing 'slips through the cracks' when it comes to accurate and timely financial recordkeeping. Auditing and financial reporting become much less time-consuming and there is much less potential for error.
Many medical practice management software packages also include a built-in word processor. This convenient feature has a variety of uses. For example, imagine that your clinic is offering free flu shots for patients over sixty-five. The mail merge option allows you to quickly identify those particular patients and create individually addressed postcard reminders using the data that's already in the system. There is no need to spend time manually sorting through the patient list or entering names and addresses.
It's not difficult to see the many advantages offered by medical office software. Selecting the right package is key, so take the time to define your needs and then research the option that's best for your particular practice. Whichever you choose, the cost savings realized will quickly offset the initial investment. Your office will run faster and more efficiently for years to come

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