Thursday, January 28, 2010

5 Tips For Men Dating After A Breakup To Live By

Dating after a breakup can be a tricky situation for men coming out of a long term relationship. While some men may feel a little bit like a kid in the candy shop after a long time of monogamy, others will feel a little bit out of their element. You'll have to walk a fine line, no matter which side of the coin you're on.


Don't sweat the small stuff. While you want to nail down the details it's a good idea not to let little accidents, inconveniences, and irritations derail your date. It's much better to make the best of your evening and live to enjoy a second date than lose your temper and call it quits right away.

Be ready to date before you make your plans. Don't ask a new woman out until you're good and ready to face the dating world all over again. Nothing is worse for a lady than spending an entire evening hearing about how wonderful your ex is and how much you'd rather be with her.

Be prepared to have fun. Having fun on a date in this situation might seem like an absurdity but if you pick the right date and plan properly you'll find that the opportunity to have fun and really enjoy the evening will present itself. Make the date at a lively and energetic place and avoid overdoing the romance. You want these first dates to be about fun and without pressure.

Make sure there are only two people on your date. Three is definitely a crowd on a first date. Don’t bring your ex along with you. Keep in mind that your ex doesn't have to physically be in the room in order to ruin your date. Make this date about you and the lady you're taking out. Do not make this date about your failed relationship, your shattered heart, or your wounded pride. Leave your ex at home so you can better enjoy your evening without her.

Don't go for the homerun on the first. This is not the time to worry about hitting one out of the park. This is the time to work on getting your head back in the game. Get back in the mindset for dating again and let nature take its course elsewhere. You don't need the stress and your date will appreciate your restraint more than you'll ever know.

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