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Nokia Hard Library full guide v4.0 (by blacktattack)

Nokia Hard Library full guide v4.0 (by blacktattack):

Nokia Hard Library full guide v4.0 (by blacktattack)

. What's new?

- Interface more powerfull and easy to use.

- Easy to update in future ( no need to download full package).

- More models and solutions are added.

. Models and Solutions

1100/2300: car,charge,earpiece,speaker,local mode,micro,network,on/off,ring,sim

1110/1600/2310: buzzer,charge,handsfree,keypad,lcd,lcd light,light,sim,test mode

1200: charge,keypad,lcd,light,micro,on/off,sim,speaker,test mode

1650: dislay light,on/off,ring,test mode

2600: buzzer,car,charge,lcd,light,test mode

2610: audio,car,charge,lcd,micro,test mode

2630: charge,on/off,test mode

2650: car,display,headset,light,micro,ring,sim

2660: light,sim

2760: charge,sim

3100: antenna,blue lcd,charge,lcd,lcd light,local mode,on/off,ring,sim,sim track

3110: charge,display,display2,ear,speaker,keypad,light,m icro,mmc,on/off,sim,spaeker

3200: camera,charge,display,keypad,lcd,light,local mode,on/off,ring,sim

3220/6020: camera,charge,headset,keypad,lcd,led,local mode,micro,on/off,sim

3230: audio, camera, ear,hang, headset, joystick, keypad, lcd, lcd light,l ed,mmc, on/off, spaeker

3250: bt,camera,charge,display,earpiece,keypad,lcd,micro ,mmc,on/off,signal,sim

3650: blank, camera, display headset, keypad,lcd,led, micro, mmc, on/off, sim,speaker,vibra,white

5100: lcd,sim

5140: camera,lcd,

5200 / 5300 : buzzer c amera, charge, display, keypad ,lcd light,light,micro,mmc,network, on/off, sim

5310: buzzer, camera, charge, display,earpiece, flex,full,ke ypad,lcd,micro,mmc,network, on/off, sim

5500: audio,display,keypad,network,ring,sim,speaker

5610: micro,on/off

5700: buzzer,micro

6030: keypad,lcd,lcd light,micro,buzzer,charge,test mode,lcd,lcd light,sim

6060: charge,local mode,sim

6070: buzzer,camera,charge,keypad,lcd,lcd light,local mode,on/off,sim,speaker

6085: handsfree,micro,sim

6101: buzzer,lcd light,light,local mode,sim

6110: micro

6120: buzzer,keypad,lcd,light,vibra,vol keys

6125: charge,keypad,camera,micro,sim

6131: blank,charge,keypad,led,micro,mmc,on/off

6151: sim

6170: down keys,keypad,local mode

6230: buzzer,camera,charge,gallery,keypad,led,light,mmc, on/off,sim,test mode,vol keys

6233: audio, bt, bsi, camera, charge, display, ear, keypad, lcd, led, micro, mmc, network, ring,sim,slide keys,vol keys

6260: charge,keypad,lcd,light,micro,mmc,on/off,ring,sim

6263: buzzer,keypad

6267: buzzer,charge,on/off,vibra,camera

6270: camera,charge,display,headset,keypad,led,light,mic ro,network

6280: blank,bt,camera,charge,display,keypad,lcd led,mmc,on/off,signal,sim

6300: blue lcd,bt,camera,charge,display,keypad,lcd,lcd light,led,micro,mmc,network,not power, on/off, ring, sim, spaeker, vibra

6500c: charge

6500s: camera

6600: batt, blank, buzzer, camera, charge,display,earpiece, g allery,joystick, keyboard,keypad,lcd led, micro, mmc, network, on/off, sim,spaker, vibra

6610/7210: lcd,light,not power,on/off,ring,sim

6630: audio, bt, camera,charge,display, earpiece, headset,ke ypad, light, mico, not power, on/off, sim, speaker, vibra, white

6670/7610: camera,charge,display,ear,keyboard,lcd,micro,on/off,ring,sim

6680: bt,camera,display,handfree,keypad,light,mmc,networ k,on/off,signal,sim,white

7200: led,local mode,sim

7250: micro,lcd,not power,light

7360: headset,keys,light,sim,speaker

7370: charge,keypad,local mode,vol keys

7373: mmc,sim

7390: charge

7500: camera,charge

7710: blank,display,mmc

8800: light,sim

E50 : audio,charge,joystick,keypad,micro,mmc

E60 : bt,buzzer,charge,display,keypad,light,on/off,sim,speaker,vibra,white

E61 : audio,blank,charge,joystick,lcd,on/off,signal,sim

E65 : display,keypad,lcd,light,offline,white

N70 : Audio, bt, camera, charge, ear,flash light, handfree, keypad, lcd, light, micro, missmatch, mm c, on/off, ring, signal,sim,synchro,white

N73 : charge, front cam, joystick, keypad, led, micro, ear, mmc, network, on/off, sim, speaker, vibra, white

N80 : charge,hang,keypad,lcd,light,mmc,network,on/off,ring,svc,white

N81 : boot,camera

N90 : charge,keypad,micro,network,sim

N91 : charge,display,ear,handfree,hang,hdd,keypad,on/off,vibra,white

N93 : charge,keypad,micro,offline

N95 : audio, bluelcd,bt,cam keys,camera,charge, flash cam, keypad, lcd,lcd led,lightmmc, network,on/off, restart, sim, usb, vibra

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